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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

“Listen. Say yes. Live in the moment. Make sure you play with people who have your back. Make big choices early and often. Don’t start a scene where two people are talking about jumping out of a plane. Start the scene having already jumped.” - —Amy Poehler


  1. Hi girl...
    Great quote, and love the picture:)
    How is everything down under?
    You doing alright?

    Have a great day:)

  2. What a great quote! I love all the quotes on your blog! So inspiring! xoxoxoo

  3. that is awesome :) and if you and carrie have a blogger meet up in paris you have to tell me and 'll come!

  4. or at least swing over to switz:)

  5. I love this! Am a big fan of Amy Poehler and also think you should never block the ideas of others.


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