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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

"Only the minute and the future are interesting in fashion -- it exists to be destroyed. If everybody did everything with respect, you'd go nowhere" - Karl Lagerfeld

I often look at magazine profiles of people and their perfect closets.  Bloggers with the huge walk in wardrobes, 100's of shoes, absolutely perfectly organised lives and I often chuckle to myself and I wonder what's out of the shot.  What mountains of junk and things in space bags lie out of the camera shot.

This is my wardrobe space and this is what's currently in it.  My favourite and most worn items.  And they all go with the other items.

I had the chance to build a monster wardrobe but I decided against it.  My ultimate wardrobe has about 15-20 amazing things in it that all go perfectly with everything else that's in it.  When a new item comes home, an existing item must leave.

Up until 48 hours ago, all of these things below were also in in that wardrobe.

A huge laundry basket full.  (hello Monty)

And a mountain that now lies on the couch in the guest bedroom.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with all this stuff.  Put it back where I found it?  eBay it along with a ton of other stuff already eBay bound (seller: bk6076).  Throw it out?  Give it away?  Take it to Camberwell market?

My taste is almost everything has evolved hugely recently, including my style.  I'm starting to be drawn to leather.  To ACNE. To completely edgy and unusual thing.  How do I make it stop?


  1. EBay it, darling!


  2. Bet you feel amazing having 'culled' your wardrobe so severely! And Monty makes my day every time I see his cute furry face! XX

  3. Well done you!
    I could never part with any of my clothes.
    I can understand your ♥ for Acne ... just scored myself a fab leather Burberry leather biker jacket in the sales.

  4. i also feel kind of stuck in a rut. i DEF don't have walk in closets...AND i need to go shopping. i'm in a rut, basically.

  5. it's a tough one because ebay costs money as is time consuming and sometimes you can be disappointed in the selling price but other times you get WAY more than you expected. I have added you as a favourite seller if YOU DO decide to ebay them

  6. I clean out my entire wardrobe every six months and I keep all of my clothes in there, none are in storage. I sold a lot of things on eBay a few months ago and ended up making much more than I expected which I then put to good use by buying clothes that I did actually want to wear!



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