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Friday, 26 August 2011

John Galliano x Kate Moss

Moss wanted
by Mario Testino via

I am not much of a Kate Moss fan.  We know she's made mistakes and I must admit I do admire her ability to overcome the repercussions of those mistakes. It's particularly wonderful that she's supported Galliano after his indiscretions just like most of the industry supported her during her lowest points.

The smiles on their faces in this photo couldn't be faked.  I've rarely seen her happy as she looked on her wedding day.  I adore her dress and how traditional the whole weekend ended up being.  Huge props for not having a strapless gown or a puffy skirt (here's looking at you Kim Kardashian).


  1. Totally. Kate's wedding was just sensational. Just adore her dress xx

  2. I adore Galliano! He is an amazing designer. It is wonderful that Kate supported him when others turned away!

  3. She looks amazing ! So elegant...

  4. Very beautiful and such a lovely gown. x


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