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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Some plans

There are many things you miss when working 3 jobs.  Blogging, twitter banter, runs around the tan, lunch time tennis matches, friends birthdays, favourite TV shows, weekends away, weekend newspapers read over a lazy brunch and pot of tea (as opposed to read on the train on Monday morning), baking, cooking, the chance to wear a half decent outfit.  But November is near enough and it will all be worth it.  Speaking of November, hasn't this year gone by way, WAY too fast. WAAAAAAAAY too fast.

My blogger is changing the colour of my photos.... WHYYY?

Photo is of my hair after the world's best blow dry thanks to Stephen at Rubi Hair in Prahran.  I bow down to you Stephen.  Ignore the left blogger ambushed colour of my hair.


  1. OMG that blow wave is AMAZING!!!

    Why oh why is blogger doing that to your pics?!

  2. Your hair looks fabulous (even with the two colours courtesy of Blogger).... Thanks for your comment on my post about going back to UK for a while. Know what you mean about running out of things to say on the blog and I have also been so busy at work with a new catalogue out. (But not doing 3 jobs like you!) You must be exhausted! XX

  3. Blowwave is aaahhhmaahzing!! I'll need to visit this hair dresser of yours aaaasapp! :)) ....

    And yess... As if there r only 4 months of the yr left?! Whaaaa!!! Where's the yr gone? Someone? Anyone? ..



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