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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Lets talk shoes boots

The plan for the trip is to make do with 7 outfits which can all be mixed and matched to create the perfect capsule travel wardrobe.  Something fancy enough for the opera and ballet but comfortable enough for getting lost in my new neighbourhood.  I hate nothing more than lugging bags on trains and planes.  It's frustrating and definitely not chic.

I have however hit a road block.  Footwear.  It will probably definitely be too cold for ballet flats.  It will be too unpredictable (and possible wet) to wear my beloved suede Yves Saint Laurent booties.  Riding boots alone will not cut it.  My Witchery ankle boots are sadly too uncomfortable.  So what now?  Cue these Zara boots.... Low heel, go with most things I plan to wear.  Weather appropriate too.  A miracle right?  Then there's my my dilemma 1. no shopping allowed 2. not as yet available in store and ordering online is too risky due to my annoyingly sized feet.

Life's tough for some isn't it?


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  1. I think you should buy them online and go up a size if you are inbetween sizes and try on at home- after all you may have to wear them a while inside and test the comfort factor!! Gorgeous... Are you going to post about your outfit combinations for the trip? Worrying about packing for 8 weeks in UK (via Singapore for 5 days) and like you DO NOT want to take all my wardrobe! XX


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