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Friday, 9 September 2011


In the fashion world September is big.  Huge.  The change of seasons marks a new beginning and a change in weather has our thoughts turning to what we'll be wearing next summer as the fashion week circuit kicks off in New York.

9/11 is also on our minds as we relive that life changing day and see what those that were the most affected are up to.

The magazines are thick and the stores are turning to Christmas (already). 

I'm thinking about my plans for summer (some time in Byron Bay TICK, some days at the tennis TICK).  The usual.  I'm tiring of sweaters and boots but it doesn't look like they'll be packed away any time soon.

And this September I'm trying not to hate my birthday.  Despite waking up with a terrible, terrible cold.

I'll even buy myself a gift.  And eat cake.  Maybe.  Bon weekend.

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  1. Hi Olivia, just came across your blog and I love it. I must say I am sooo sick of boots and coats also, but must say I try and wear some spring/summer clothes, but end up feeling freezing, so back to boots and jumpers for a little while longer. xx shannyn

  2. Enjoy your birthday and live for the day... take time to enjoy the little things too. Have a GREAT WEEKEND. XXXX

  3. Happy birthday sweet friend! I'm so sorry to hear that you woke up with a terrible cold, that is awful! It is strange how September has so many different meanings for everyone. Well I'm wishing an amazing day.


  4. Happy birthday! So excited to find your blog, looking forward to future posts ; )

  5. Happy Happy Belated Birthday...I hope you had a great day despite being under the weather. Here's crossing fingers for a jackpot Missoni gifty or two!!



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