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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Missoni x Target

When you're on your death bed on your birthday you get lots of time to watch tennis.  Ummmmm Novak Djokovic what can I say.  I've followed him from his junior days to the very top.  I am a tennis nut.  I follow the rankings and all the tournaments.  I can give you a detailed biography of every player in the top 300.  It's an obsession of mine which you may not have known about.  Now you do.

You also have a lot of time to tweet and shop online and obsess over the Missoni collaboration for Target.

I had wanted a Missoni bikini since I could remember, but could never convince myself to pay $350 for it.  Cue Target.  Cue the website crashing within 5 minutes and Cue the wonderful Carrie nabbing me the skirt that I wanted before the big crash of 2011.

24 hours after the crash I managed to get on the website and score a bikini bottom (which did not come with the option to purchase a top?????) and 2 hand towels.  All for about one tenth of the price of the bikini.

Say hello to my new skirt

And my bikini bottom

And my two new hand towels.



  1. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Have you seen the prices they're trying to flog this stuff for on Ebay... riiiiiidiiiic!!!

    Love that skirt, adorable and perfect for summer!


  2. Ha, I bought the exact same bottoms and towels... basically the only things left on the online shop! I hope the bottoms fit...

  3. There's always eBay.. where people are paying stupid prices.

  4. ive been watching tennis a loooot lately! i love your new towels :)

  5. Great buys!

    Bummed I missed out.

    If the Ebay prices get too crazy might be cheaper for me to buy the main line?


    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  6. Very cute. You will have to wear in Europe ;-) or with a tee top!! Love the towels too - lucky!! Hope you are feeling a little better.xx

  7. They cancelled my order!!! :(

  8. what!! why!

    i got an email saying my bikini is delayed a week, but not cancelled! what the!

  9. I don't know :( Maybe it's because the address is my hopshopgo address? Who knows. I'm protesting the ebay prices though so I'll keep stalking the towels on the Target online shop, hoping some more come in stock. Wahhh!
    Ps. Paris soon??

  10. Anonymous10:09 pm

    So your the one that bought everything cause nothing else is available anymore - all out of stock

  11. ta jupe est magnifique

  12. cuteee! i got the heels, some socks, and a pair of tights. haha when i got there all the clothes were gone!

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