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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Brisbane through Instagram

I spent a glorious long weekend at home (home is where the heart is, right?).  Made all the better by a suitcase of gifts that my mother bought me from overseas (including half the Zara store in Novi Sad it seems) and lots of hazelnut Milka.

I've been self loathing of late (am suddenly confused about EVERYTHING and am doubting every decision I make) so the weekend really hit the spot.  Dad had some rare time off work and we made the most of it eating a lot, chatting lots and walking lots. Bliss.

Brisbane from GoMA

White chocolate & raspberry brioche from Freestyle Tout

You know Brisbane is growing up when Chanel comes knocking

Cupcakes from Shingle Inn

Hazelnut gelato from Arrivederci Pizzeria

Season's first mango


  1. Don't self loath babes!!!
    You're gorgeous!!!

    Glad you had a beautiful weekend to calm your nerves.


  2. Self loathing? Noooo banish all of that. Not worth it. I know what you mean though - I am hardly full of the virtue of being sure of my decisions! Every blog posts starts with 'I've been thinking...'!! Lou x

  3. No self loathing allowed. Although I do understand where you're coming from...these have been some tough days/months. We need a visit. ps-i wore my fringe yesterday!! xoxo


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