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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Inspiration for motivation

Surely I’m not the only one who lets the exercise and good eating habits fall by the wayside during the colder months?

It’s too cold to don shorts and go to the gym, right?  It’s too dark to go for a run after work, right?  Or so I kept telling myself.  The bathroom is too cold for body brushing before a shower.  Apples taste better with peaches in a pie with a dollop of cream on top.  Excuses.

The result is a scary sight in the mirror which has been hiding under layers of clothes for months and some seriously drastic changes required to the routine.  I have always loved exercise, but my struggles with cold weather are well documented on this blog and I cannot motivate myself to do anything with full gusto when it’s freezing and miserable outside, let alone exercise.  As the days get longer and I’m a bit happier I intend to lug my gym bag around.  Sugar is also an enemy that’s banned from the house.  No trips to Luxbite.  No French Toast from Las Chikas to kick start the weekend.  Snack drawer at my desk now contains fresh fruit and almonds.  No mini cupcakes in sight.  Hello blueberry smoothie for breakfast as opposed to a large cup of coffee.  The Nepresso machine at home is just too tempting.  Now I’ll make the blender catch my eye instead.

My new, amazing, Seafolly bikini deserves the best of me.

I figure if I publish this post, I have to stick to the rules.  Wish me luck.  


  1. I hear you....winter is just horrible for motivation. I struggle getting out of bed most days let alone when it's cold, hence my intentions of early gym sessions go out the window!

    Good luck!

  2. Boy do I get it!!! I dont even wear swimsuits but still...who doesnt want a hot bod!! This year the cold weather really got to me thus 1001 "other" things to do rather then exercise. xoxox Good Luck

  3. Lol tell me about it.. winter = dry skin, unshaved legs (although this winter i treated my self to laser), hot food, movies.. and im freakin paying for my gym!! I even started my blog thinking ill be more at home and i can kick start it.. but no im just lazy.. Reading a post like this and the comments gives me inspiration.

  4. good luck miss! i find it hard too...i usually run outside but now it's cold and it's hard to get up at 6am :( BUT i find that if i just tell myself to shut up and go it usually works :)


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