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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Suitcase Stuffing

I'm trying to piece together some looks for the trip.  Things that will translate between mild autumn weather in one city and winter temperatures in the other. 3 pairs of shoes at the very most. Enough room in the suitcase to bring back LOTS of art books. One rule I always follow is taking only the things I love.  If I think it's perfect for a destination, yet I haven't worn it for 18 months, chances are it will sit in my suitcase at the destination too. A wardrobe (or 2 wardrobes) of things and nothing feels right.  Here's what I'm feeling but struggling to execute....

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  1. I hope you have an absolutey amazing time. Paris is the most beautiful city you will ever see. A few sugestions i can give you is take photos but dont spend too much time behind the camera and really enjoy the history it has to offer, visit maccas and have a beer with your McRoyale, visit rue cambon and the cobble stoned streets around it and buy your self something at one of the designer stores.

    i went during summer so I am no help in the outfit department, the way I see travelling is Im a tourist, I will stand out like a sore thumb anyway :)


  2. You will look amazing - skinny jeans/pants, boots, leather jacket and large scarves etc. big handbags etc. are what I saw in abundance in Paris over the last few days. Even I too (for one day!!) wore a shoe boot with a heel - am usually in flat, flat flats too!! Know you will look great- as if you belong there! Enjoy... (and hope you are not flying with QANTAS!!) X

  3. PARIS !!!!!!!!!
    I want To join you.
    Hun Anything you throw together will look rocking
    Enjoy and keep us posted. .

  4. Thanks for the tips ladies!! xx


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