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Sunday, 4 December 2011

The buys

Even though I promised myself not to buy anything, bar books, who was I kidding!?  The "who knows when I'll be back and if I'll ever come across something like this again" feeling seems to take over.  My obsessive personality takes hold.  Just like I obsessed over a scarf in Singapore for 3 days until I bought it.  I spent half a day trawling H&M stores across Paris looking for an orange hat.

I wanted to get one amazing piece in each city.  I couldn't go past Chanel in Paris.  The service was so wonderful, I had trouble deciding which brooch to get.  In the end I decided on the classic pearl.  Very happy with my choice.

I also thought it was time to upgrade my beloved, 5 year old Chanel 5101 sunnies.  The 5183 are similar, but different enough.  Instant love.

When I checked into the hotel in Prague, I fell in love with this black garnet and CZ ring that I saw in the little jewellery store on the premises.  Prague is full of jewellery stores and I literally walked into every single one looking for something similar.  When I realised that nothing close or as equally beautiful existed I made sure this one came home with me.  I love the symbol behind the stone and I'm sure I will cherish this ring for a long time to come.  It was so sparkly for the price that I paid.

I came across this wonderful jacket hiding in the corner of the Zara store in Prague.  I had well and truly had run out of room in my suitcase by that stage, but what's a girl to do.  Hence why I had to fly back to Australia wearing 5 layers and 3 scarves around my neck.  Worth it!

It's perfect with this brooch I picked up for a couple of Euro in a little store in St Germain.

Gold Zara goat skin bag, which is sadly too delicate to carry too often.

I have also developed a serious love affair with the new Chanel shadows.  I exercised some self control and only purchased Mirifique from Sephora... and I'm lusting after Illusoire and Epatant too.  Patience...

Prague posts to come this week... x


  1. Anonymous12:39 am

    Absolutely amazing pieces that you will cherish for many years to come xx

  2. love your blog! what fab pieces you picked up - look forward to following your future adventures.

  3. Amazing purchases! I love that Zara blazer, it looks fantastic with the brooch x

  4. ahhh i nearly got those sunnies but i went with a dior pair instead.
    now i regret it. that never happens to me!!
    enjoy them :)

  5. Perfect pieces , good puchases especially the sunglasses of Chanel


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