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Friday, 5 July 2013

Ariana's Baptism - Part II - The details

I found these personalised stickers on Etsy some time ago and I knew I wanted to use them.  I considered chocolates, cookies etc etc - something edible, not a junky knick knack.  I decided to go the fun route and use multicoloured jelly beans. 

By the time I found the jars on eBay and received them I realised they were too small!!! There was no time to start again so I had to improvise and cut the stickers to size and squeeze 9 jelly beans into the jars - one of each colour.

I also decided to get the beautiful Martha Stewart card box.  Terribly marked up in Australia but so beautiful.

The place cards were simple and ivory with pearls - which had to be individually stuck to the cards (at about 1am the night before they were due at the venue.  Best work is done under pressure.

As I had previously written, I decided to take on the task of making the cake myself.  As we had a beautiful dessert for one of the courses, the cake was always just going to be a token cut up on platters with coffee.  My decorating skills are non existent, so I opted to decorate with fresh flowers and give the icing a rough finish.  Fortunately one of my girlfriends was on annual leave to popped over for a few hours to look after the baby.  I had planned to bake the sponges the night before and ice the cake the following day, however one of the sponges fell apart as I was removing it from the tin at about 11pm and I called it quits.  I managed the calm down the following morning and rescue the mission.


The cake certainly wasn't perfect.  I would have benefited from a little bit more icing.  The rough look wasn't rough enough, but I loved the idea of having made it myself and having that memory.

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  1. Oh how gorgeous and elegant everything looks. Great job on the cake!


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