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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The cat's pyjamas

Natural Supply Co Winter Pack $36.95

I would doubt that many of us grew up conscious of what we are cleaning our homes with, where the food we are eating came from and what we were putting on our skin and in our hair.  I know I didn't.  

Pregnancy started the research and questions for me.  Not only did I want to protect my child but I also wanted to look after myself and be around for my child.  These days, I try to choose organic as much as possible and I love the boxes I quickly order on Sunday night via Ceres, along with organic eggs and milk they supply.  Cleaning products were hard.  I was just not convinced that they could clean as well as the horrible, toxic chemicals I was used to using to scrub the shower and kitchen sink.  I kept reading about the links between household cleaning products and the well being of our children in particular.  But all the products I tried didn't seem to clean and polish to my exacting standards.  For the past few months I've been using Planet Luxe - in particular the household spray and I think I am satisfied.  I use it for the bathroom and kitchen along with a microfibre cloth and the results are fantastic.

Nourished Life and Natural Supply Co are great sources of information and products, in particular when it comes to skincare and make up.  I've recently switched to Aspect Skincare but make up is taking a while.  I'm working through the NSC winter pack (pictured above) at the moment.  Excited to try the soak on Saturday night.  

Do you have any non toxic favourites for me to try? There are so many options around that it's getting much easier to detoxify our lives.  

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  1. I'm quite into chemical free cleaning after I got into Norwex. Microfibre cloths with silver threads that are antibacterial, only use dishwashing liquid and toilet cleaner with chemicals now. Also stopped using a face cleanser in favour of their face cloths and use moogoo and go-to skincare products (which aren't certified organic I don't think but I don't care as much for that in face products).


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