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Friday, 29 October 2010

Meeting Maggie

On Wednesday night after work, I made my way over to Hawthorn for the Melbourne leg of Maggie Alderson's book tour.  As I've fough my way through various commitments and challenges to find time to write and read more, Maggie has become one of my favourite writers.  She's an accomolished editor, columnist and novelist and a lovely and genuine person to boot.  Talk about being an inspiration and an aspiration! 

She was just as lovely and charming in person as she comes across through her witty tweets.  As her new novel, Shall We Dance, is set in a vintage store, she bought along some of her vintage finds for show and tell and spoke about vintage friendships - and making an effort to preserve relationships and communication with old friends - something I've written about and thought about a lot myself.  It saddens me to no end when I lose touch with people and I hate that maintaining friendships is sometimes such a chore and as hard as you might, people slip away...

Maggie is one of a handful of people who manages to get me out of bed early on a Saturday morning (sometimes it's B who's the one getting up as I beg him to go to the shops and buy me the paper so I can read Maggie's column - poor guy).  Her column is something I always manage to relate to.  It's been published for over 10 years and I hope it never ends!  Maggie's husband is Serbian, and she tells me he and their daughter are currently in Belgrade, the most vibrant underrated city in Europe.  Wish I could be there too....

And to top off a great evening, I ran into Semi Expat and got to meet Carly and Sophie.  Hooray for blogging friends.

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