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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Edge of Forever: Anja Rubik for Vogue Australia

I was giddy with delight when I found out late last year that Anja Rubik was coming to Australia with her now fiance Sasa Knezevic to shoot for Vogue Australia.  Aussie Vogue has long been ridiculed for reprinting international covers some months later, but of late the originality has really picked up. 

And Anja has not disappointed.  I raced to the newsagent first thing yesterday and am still adoring every one of these shots.

Bravo Vogue Australia.


  1. Anonymous10:16 pm


    I'm completely blown away! Must. Buy. Vogue. Tomorrow.

    I didn't think they could top last month's issue. Clearly I was wrong!!!!

  2. these photos are amazing.. specially the last one.. I love the top she's wearing, she's gorgeous.. can't wait for summer to come here!... stay cool

  3. the colors in these are pretty fabulous.


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