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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Wishful Wednesday

How quickly this year is already flying.  Summer is now behind us - not that we even had one - (apparently this past summer was the wettest in Melbourne on record as well as the 6th coldest - no wonder the white linen dress is sitting unworn).

My new home is beginning to take shape, even though there's still plenty of work to do.  Hoping to return to regular post writing/return visits shortly.

Haven't done a Wishful Wednesday post in a long time, so here's to returning to old ways.

I wish the impossible task of finding a new coat for winter was a little bit easier.  Kicking myself for not getting the perfect camel coat from Zara when I was overseas at Christmas.

Wishing for an occasion to dress up.

Already missing summer.  Had such a perfect weekend at the beach.. post coming up very soon.

I've had this quote saved on my computer for a while now.. His alleged recent actions are very distressing though.


  1. beautiful pictures. i cant believe Melbournes summer was so wet. Sydney's was hot when i was there. Cant wait for the beach shots, it will make me feel closer to home :) x

  2. Good coat selection. 1st and 3rd are my favourites. Xxxx

  3. lovely pics M!

    death to winter. yuck


  4. Anonymous11:11 am

    I wish we had a summer in Melbourne :( :( :(

  5. Don't despair.. you may find your coat when Zara opens in Melbourne soon!! Glad the renovations / decorations going well...xx


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