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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wishful Wednesday

It's been a long and hard week and it's only Wednesday morning.  There is just so much going on and I don't really like to write when I'm feeling blue.  Joy is for sharing and I'm sure this anxiety and stress will pass with time.  The phone makes me jumpy, no amount of sleep is enough...  I cannot find a book shelf that's the right size for the corner so my books are languishing in boxes.  A pet hate.  Weeks after moving in there's still things in boxes.  And they're some of my favourite things.  The custom made dining table is taking far too long.  As is the couch.  The old furniture is doing the lovely open space no justice at all.

Some inspiration and wishes this Wednesday includes...

Fall and winter foot wear.  After 4 years of freezing feet, I think I'm sorted for the upcoming winter.  The below black booties tempted me in the nude suede, but I think the black leather is a smarter option.  Warm, dry feet here I come.  Not to mention how surprisingly comfortable they are.

Speaking of beige suede, I couldn't resist these for the weekends.  Teamed with floral skirts, tights and oversized knits/aviator jackets.

After much searching for a floral mini skirt for winter, I find one on ASOS for £9.00 and free shipping! Did someone say it's meant to be??

My mum hasn't been to visit in almost 18 months.  She's coming in 3 weeks and I'm petrified.  She's very particular about everything including the way I fold my tea towels, the order in which I hang up my clothes on the line, the colour of my nail polish... just to name a few.  I think I need to go into domestic lock down to prepare for her arrival.  And I still haven't touched my front garden, which needs a LOT of work.  Can someone send me their gardener and pool boy, please?  Or more realistically, provide me some useful advise for my first (winter) front garden. 

An autumn trip to the Barossa Valley is locked in.. I cannot wait until May.  Better start putting my play money away for some serious bottles of wine to bring home...

Kisses x


  1. I love those low Witchery booties... Might buy them this week, perfect for winter!

  2. Mmmm i like that booties :D

    that floral skirt is adorable!... and cheap!!

  3. Hello there - ahh I can feel the mild stress coming through from your words! I know what you mean; living in chaos feels wretched. You will feel so much better when you get those booked sorted! And as for your Mum's visit - surely she will be forgiving of a few bits of mess? Lou x


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