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Monday, 18 April 2011

‘There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.’ Henry James

Sometimes, Melbourne blesses us with wonderful autumn days like today.  Sunny and bright, 20C.  Idyllic.  An absolutely perfect day for the Aesop afternoon tea that was held at Heide Museum of Modern Art in Templestowe. A wonderful and serene grounds on the outskirts of the city.  It was my first time there and it certainly won't be the last.

We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon tea of macarons, lamingtons, champagne and sparkling water.  B asked me to mention on my blog that they were the best lamingtons he'd ever tasted.  And we then enjoyed main part of the day - the Mirka Mora exhibit at Heide I.  What a fascinating woman, who along with her husband and friends bought a bit of Parisian bohemia and the arts to Melbourne when she migrated in 1950's after surviving the holocaust.

"Mirka’s art is characterised by a sensuous, colourful naïve style and an idiosyncratic iconography of recurring motifs, including angels, children, cats, dogs, birds and snakes. As well as painting and drawing she has worked in mosaic, soft sculpture and doll-making. Many of the artworks in this exhibition were once in the collection of Heide founders John and Sunday Reed and are inscribed with delightful personal messages, tracing the development of an enduring friendship."

Mirka's art will be exhibited at the Heide until May 1, so check it out over the Easter break if you have a couple of spare hours.  And don't skip lunch at Cafe Vue.  Yum!

Thank you Aesop for inviting me.

Amazing autumn colours

Mirka's murals

The museum grounds are truly breath taking

Loving my goody bag

Sportsgirl necklace
Lover blazer
Sportsgirl top
Sass & Bide leggings
Witchery boots


  1. Love, love, love Heide... used to spend a lot of time there when I was studying Fine Art at RMIT.

    AESOP is the bestestest EVER, my hands would probably fall off without it.

  2. "All colours agree in the night".. how lovely! :))

    It looks like it was THE perfect day hey!! Nice outfit btw...!

    This whole weekend has been just lovely weather wise! Thank you mother-nature! :)

  3. Looks really lovely. Autumn and spring are the bests, arent they?

    Loving the blazer and shoes!


  4. These pictures are dreamy and I am in love with those boots!! I need to visit this Witchery you speak of...


  5. Anonymous9:44 am

    Your insight view is usefule for us. Thanks!

  6. Love the stripe look for autumn. Very cruise collection
    Lee x

  7. Ahh I want that Sportsgirl top!! It looks so comfy yet chic. Where in the world do I get it?

  8. Beautiful place - I have to go soon - thanks for the reminder - we were just talking today about "where is the place that has the cafe by Shannon Bennett" - we knew it was in beautiful grounds but could not remember where it was or where we had read about it... Perfect timing. And a Happy Easter to you. xx


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