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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Recipe: Raspberry & Banana Muffins

Isn't life an unpredictable ride?  

I've spent the last 10 years racing through it.  I sit down each January and set goals.  Usually to do with property purchases, pay rises, promotions, a trip to a new destination, something new to study?  More more more, quick quick quick.  

Well not this year.  This year is all about me and my health.  Today was the first day in ages that I didn't HAVE to be in 3 places at once.  And more than ever I'm starting to say no.  Just doing things that make me happy.  I'm winding down some things on the go and January is traditionally the craziest (and the most fun and exciting month) but I need to take better care of myself and draw the line somewhere.

Cooking and exercising and spending time with my amazing husband are top of my list.  I'm also treating myself to a trip to Sydney in February, selling most of my belongings on eBay, going to the country to see the Grace Kelly exhibit in March and going home more often to see my parents.

My heavy duty kitchen mixer died late last year, which almost excited me because I thought that MAYBE it was time to get a KitchenAid.  But it seems not yet.  I fell in love with a beautiful Kenwood which was reduced from $300 to $219.. which then scanned for $129 at the register.  HAPPY!  Which meant some left over money on the voucher for some goodies from Chanel.

I took it for a test mix today and made some raspberry and banana muffins.  The recipe can be altered to just about any sort of muffin.  I usually halve the amount of sugar in recipes, so if you like your muffins sweeter, I have stated the amount of sugar the recipe calls for.

360g plain flour
pinch of salt
1 teaspoon bicarb soda
2 teaspoons baking powder
4 eggs
150 g caster sugar (recipe calls for 270g)
180g butter
200g sour cream
1 small banana
1 punnet raspberries

Preheat over at 180C.  Sift together the dry ingredients.  Beat the eggs and sugar until pale and thick, then continue to beat while adding the butter, adding in the flour mixture.  Add sour cream and mix for a further 1 minute and fold in the fruit so it doesn't crumble.  Spoon into paper cases and bake for around 15 minutes.  The sour cream is the winning touch in my opinion and these are great frozen and popped in the handbag for a snack during the day.


  1. I should try this recipe! You don't take photo of the result? I bet it looks so good with the raspberry!:D

  2. YUM.
    raspberries are sooo good right now.
    $7 a punnet is a bit bonkers though.

  3. Alyce7:40 pm

    I'm going to make these tonight, but use peaches instead :) the batter looks looks delightful.

  4. absolut genialer Blog ! Muss verfolgt werden !
    Wäre toll wenn du auch meinen besuchen würdest:

  5. hollypop - that's why I go the frozen option!! x


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