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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Packing pains. Again.

There's something magic about packing for a summer get away.  Floaty colourful things are a go, bright nail polish a must, the fake tan isn't out of place, a small clutch bag fits all the necessities (ie. a credit card and a tube of Maybelline Coral Crush lipstick).  

Despite painstakingly planning my suitcase for months before jetting off to Paris, as I've mentioned a hundred times over, I packed completely and frustratingly wrong.  On Saturday I'm off for a week back home to Queensland with a lot planned in a short 7 days... family lunches, catch ups with friends and a quick getaway to Noosa.

I did a huge cull of my wardrobe over the new year break and listed a bunch of things in eBay for 99 cents (some of which I paid over $700 for once upon a time when I had disposable income a plenty.) If you're interested check out username:bk6076

I am completely uninspired by everything in my wardrobe and fortunately have some pennies to spend on a couple of things on my lunch break tomorrow.  I want an amazing printed statement dress and a loose silk blouse.  I've left things to the very last minute so tonight I'm handwashing delicates and ironing in the stifling heat.  Serves me right.  Not to mention my obsession with making sure the house is spotless.  There is nothing that will ruin a post holiday feel than coming to back to a dirty house.

Couple of things are ready to join turquoise and bronze accessories, white shorts and a linen dress in my suitcase:

Studded Witchery Sandals

Witchery Leopard Clutch

Tinted moisturiser and a bright lip.  And nothing else cosmetics wise.  Gulp.

A fun flirty dress, like this Country Road Snake Print number.


  1. Witchery does have some amazing looks right now and so does Zara online

  2. I need to do a major cull too but I just can't bring myself to throw some things out, even if I never wear them. What's the secret??

  3. Get someone brutal to help you! I get my husband to force things into the NO pile if he thinks it's hideous/frumpy/ill fitting/out of date or whatever. He's a huge minimalist. As he often says, if he threw out half of my belongings I wouldn't even notice they are gone... and he's right :S

    ALSO, promise to reward yourself with an amazing piece from all the proceeds of the sale. I'm saving for a YSL Belle du Jour clutch at the moment so every little thing I can sell is helping me get the bag faster, it's good motivation... as is the fact that I'm creating more room in the wardrobe for new things :))

    My body has changed over time as well so some things from 5 years ago are really not appropriate for me to hold onto!

  4. I have those sandals in the turquoise colour and the leopard clutch. Witchery did good this summer.

  5. Anonymous9:58 pm

    What do you do with Monty while you are away?


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