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Thursday, 10 May 2012

" Clothes can suggest, persuade, connote, insinuate, or indeed lie, and apply subtle pressure while their wearer is speaking frankly and straightforwardly of other matters." ~Anne Hollander

(Gwyneth in Burberry)

Something I've been thinking about for months and something that now holds so much relevance in my life is proper dressing.  I've been thinking and reflecting a lot over the past 6 months, but having huge writers block all year has been really frustrating.  Words and thoughts fill my mind, but when I sit down to write nothing forms on the page.

I've been keeping up with the details of the Facebook float and found it fascinating, but not unsurprising, that investors are uncomfortable with Zuckerberg's casual approach to dressing.  Casual dress, casual attitude I've heard people say.

Last year I was the workhorse, and now I am the face.  I am delivering big decisions, often flying off the seat of my pants and having big discussions and the only thing I have to hide behind are the clothes I am wearing.  I have become increasingly conscious of how I present myself.  Walking into a room is a first impression, upon which you build with what you say and how you say it.  Illusion and perception is everything in business.   

I have a roster of edited looks that I rely on over and over that seem to work well.  I want to look like someone that's taken seriously.  The basics wear well and are looked after and I regularly update the tops and accessories (Zara & Glassons are doing good things right now).

I've learnt a couple of things along the way:

  • keep a killer pair of heels under your desk.  They will make you stand tall when you need it the most
  • paint your lips. draw attention to what you're saying
  • don't be afraid of colour, a bright yellow blouse under a blazer can do wonders
  • be a good listener and never stop educating yourself
  • think before you speak
  • never say more than is necessary
  • stay on top of current affairs, scan the headlines when you log on - it will provide you some great conversation starters

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