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Sunday, 6 May 2012

On my plate

Part of getting back on track is eating breakfast. In my previous life almost every meal involved sugar and unfortunately breakfast was skipped. I was much too tired to wake up any sooner than 5 minutes before I had to leave the house so I was a walking, disheveled, hungry mess most days.

I am not eating dairy in the morning, which causes a huge problem. No yoghurt or cheese is hard. Muesli and cereal with a milk replacement is also out as its loaded with sugar. Not much choice, is there?

On my plate today is an egg white omlette/scrambled mess. Toast with avocado and a giant pot of T2 French Earl Grey.


  1. I avoid sugar at all costs too, so not having natural yoghurt in the morning would be horrible! Eggs are your best friends! Sarah Wilson did a post a while ago entitled 'paleo breakfasts' - perhaps have a look at that? Sorry I can't be of more help! x

  2. Like the idea of the spinach and toast - not sure about the egg white omlette as never had one just made of whites - any taste?! But good that you are having breakfasts... :-) X

  3. Thx dani.. spinach is a great idea!! x


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