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Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I have always carried a notebook in my bag.  It's full of scribbles and well, notes.  It contains lists that are written and rewritten almost daily.  It has quotes.  Shopping wishlists.  Outfit ideas.  Memories.  Quotes.  Restaurants I want to eat in.  Places I want to visit.  Hotels I want to stay in.  Right now, 48 hours before departure it's full of things I need to buy and clean at home and things I need to pack and iron.  I have a strange fear of leaving anything out of place before going away, as I like coming home to serenity and prefer my relaxed holiday mood to continue for at least a few hours.  So bring on the half loads of laundry and rearranging the kitchen cupboards at 1am... I'm a looper I tell ya!   


  1. Have fun in the snow! Stay warm!

  2. i think that's a great way to stay organized. :D

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  3. I am always making lists and like to have a notebook with me. Have a good time away!


  4. me too except mine has like a million lists in it :)

  5. Further evidence that we are kindred spirits. I do the exact same thing! Often I stay up all night cleaning and organizing before jumping in the shower to head to the airport. It's a sickness I tell ya!


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