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Monday, 15 July 2013

Maxi dreams

Is there a style or an item of clothing you've always wanted to wear but could never pull of? Or could never actually find in a store or on a website?

For me, it's the maxi dress.

I've always envisaged it flowing and being easy to throw on, yet everything I came across was too short, too clingy and unflattering. Or I looked like a beast in it. Maybe I need to be tiny and petit like Nicole Ritchie? Pangs of envy at those who can pull it off.

Having long given up on the idea of ever finding anything that would suit me, I came across this Something About Eve dress. On the sale rack for $10. It's long and it looks kind of ok. We maybe in the midst of winter right now, but that just gives me more time to figure it out...


  1. I have found that maxis are touch & go. I am not tall but I have a booty & boobs so I have to be really careful. My solution is a denim jacket (like the pic above) - it actually balances everything out & makes maxis mush easier to wear.

  2. I have to opposite problem because I'm so short!
    What about maxi dresses (strapless) as a maxi skirt with a singlet/tank and beautiful accessories?

  3. I feel your pain. I can't wear maxis due to not being tall and having big boobs :(
    Love them though

  4. I love Maxis but find that the really nice ones tend to be expensive and a tad too long sometimes.
    The asymmetrical ones work better because then I don't trip over them or have to wear ridiculous heels with what is a casual look, but the best ones are midi length flowy dresses for me.

  5. You will look great in this dress... and I know you will be able to figure it out before we get really warm weather here in Melbourne! X


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