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Saturday, 20 July 2013

The boring routine mother

If I admit it, I was a clueless and naive mother to be.  I suppose we all are the first time around no matter the amount of reading and learning we do.  For me, the "baby fits into my routine" theory did not work.  I didn't even get the chance to try to make it work or to even try it, because without some sort of routine and predictable days Ariana would be a nightmare.  Not enough sleep when required would result in an unhappy baby and an unhappy mother.  Nobody can tolerate hours of screaming.  It just wasn't fair on her and I would in turn feel guilty for stuffing her around.  I find that just two days out of the ordinary messed things up a lot and required days on end to repair it.

The first two months were a rollercoaster of nappies, feeds and naps.  No routine.  Once she realised that being out in the big bad world wasn't THAT bad, things started to fall into place.  My default we have fallen into the "Save Our Sleep" routine.  Feed at 7, 11, 3 and 7 and once or twice overnight.  Go down for a nap at 9 and 1 and a cat nap around 4pm.  And always, always, always bed time for the night at 7pm.

I contemplated a beautiful nursery, but then decided that I would rather do a beautiful toddler/big girl room down the track that she could contribute to and appreciate.  I really, really wanted all the amazing Stokke furniture, but simply couldn't justify it.  I thought the money would be better spent on music and swimming classes as she gets older.  She will get more out of that than a fancy pants change table, I hope?

The Magic of Books Print, Seed pom pom necklace, Ikea frame

Handmade by a dear friend of mine. Hi M!

Cheap and small version of the amazing felt ball rug.  Keeps MY feet warm.

Cat Bird Baby Pikkolo carrier. Beautiful. Simple to use and Ari loves it. Even sleeps in it for hours snuggled up to me.

One of my favourite things - the Nature Baby lambskin booties to keep little feet toasty warm.

The many faces of my beautiful, chubby babe!


  1. Whole-heartedly agree with cheap furniture in the nursery and a better toddler room later on. I did cheap everything and worked into my 39th week so I could afford to spend more time at home with my baby. If things are working great for you! That's good. But just a thought. Would you consider not stressing about enforcing day naps and a 7pm bed time in favour of say 9 or 10pm and trying to get her to sleep the whole night? Just a suggestion. Works for me.

    1. Totally not against a later bedtime, but she naturally fell into it and nothing can keep her awake past 7! She just zonks out.

  2. The new mum market is worth a lot....but then the baby doesn't always agree with the parentals choice. When I get around to tidying up bubs room it will also double as guest room (grandparents/friends to stay over and babysit). I'm itching to hang artworks in there. Engagment, wedding and her own artwork gifts....maybe sometime. The 7pm bed time is what happens for us....she decided on that not us. I'm angsting a lot this week over day sleeps and lack of deep sleeps. Her eyelashes are so beautiful.

  3. Have a great weekend from a sunny Oslo :)


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