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Monday, 17 January 2011

Gen parfait

Melbourne is perfect in the summertime, no doubt.  There are so many things to do as the city really comes alive.  I feel a million times better when the sun is shining! I'm moving house in 3 weeks (oh the horror that comes with packing) and I still haven't properly unpacked from my trips but following a rare Sunday sleep in I ventured out into the city.  Goodness only knows how rare nice days here are and if the next one will happen any time soon!

My new bag!

Call this a beach outfit if you will, but when you spend 10 months of the year sorting through layers and building them in the morning, stuffing your swollen feet into boots you just want to throw something on and run outdoors

And a big thank you to the stars of world tennis for putting together Rally for Relief for Queensland flood victims.  $1.8 million raised in a matter of hours!

I'm off to the tennis again today - not many days of annual leave remain :(



  1. I visited a friend in Melbourne for a few days when I studied in australia for a semester. I *loved* it! Your photos around town take me back!

  2. love the cute little blue dress with the details of the bag!

  3. Hope you are enjoying the tennis... love Degraves Street and the lanes - gorgeous new bag too! x

  4. Hi girl...
    I miss your fair city:)

    The weather is really grey in Norway at the moment...

    Greetings from OSLO:)

  5. love the bag thats so cute!x

  6. really like the bag! =)!

  7. i love the bag!!


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