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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Wednesday night tales from Hiroshima kitchen

Whenever I decide to cook anything other than a one pot meal in our miniature Barbie sized kitchen B looks at me with horror in his eyes and says "oh no, Hiroshima".  Yes with a couple of things on the bench, the place looks like a disaster and does nothing for my patience and nerves when cooking.

I've not really cooked at all in the past month due to being on holidays, so tonight I decided to make spinach and ricotta cannelloni - from scratch using Oliver's pretty simple recipe.  Recipe is simple only if you chop the spinach up really fine.  Stuffing the pasta with chunky bits of spinach is not easy!

I also put my ebelskiever to use!  Love a treat that takes about 3 minutes to make using pancake mix.


  1. Hi
    It looks really jummy, and thats the important thing:)

    Jamie does great work:)

    Have a great day

  2. Oh god now I am really hungry. I would happily sit down to this now. Xxxx

  3. Jealous!! I need a cook. Or to just cook more. Actually, I made shepherd's pie tonight :)

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  6. I am a horrible cooker... hahahah

  7. Ebelskiever? Is that the English name for that device? We call those thinks for monks (munker in Norwegian), and the pan for cooking them a monk iron.


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