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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Summer with the Aztecs

My favourite things in summer are:

  • the beach
  • white linen dresses
  • the beach
  • turquoise accessories
  • cranberry juice
What do you love in summer?

Sportsgirl Aztec Necklace


  1. Hi sweety....
    Gorgeous neklace..
    In the summer I love.
    1. Staying out late
    2. Ice cold Corona beer...
    3. Summer reading - romantic is good
    4. Some nice music - Silverchair is never wrong....

    And many friends to spend time with:)

    Have a great day.

  2. Gorgeous necklace, darling!

    In the summer I love bronzed skin and bright minidresses!


  3. amazing blog !
    great post !
    thanks for you comment*
    Happy 2011*°*°*°*°

  4. The necklace is very cool indeed. I miss the summer, what i love about summer is: ice cream!

  5. I'm a huge beach lover too- the English beaches just do not even compare with Aussie ones.

    I also love waking up in the morning to a blue sky and pottering around in my flip-flops.

    I hope you're having a lovely summer :-) XXX

  6. In summer I love:

    -Fresh white beach sand
    -The smell of freshly cut grass
    -Serving lemon or lime in ice-cold water
    -Cocktails (particulalry berry-based vodka)
    -Head-to-toe white clothing

  7. Beach, white linen dresses, beach, turquoise anything:

    + 1!!!!!

    I'll pass on the cranberry juice for an ice cold beer though...but you really have me longing for summer now.


    Btw, the necklace is stunning. Australian brand?

  8. The beach, warm ocean breezes, when it doesn't rain all summer (ahem), cocktails on warm days, sandals at night-time. Oh, I do love summer.


  9. thanks for your note on my blog!! and happy 2011 :):) i also disconnected in a big way and it was pretty amazing, i agree.'s also nice to get back in to a routine i think - will have to do that more often though!

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  12. Thats such a cute necklace


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