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Monday, 10 January 2011

This year I want to...

  • learn how to say no.  I take on too much, do too much for too many people.  I drive myself nuts a lot of the time and get frustrated when I realise that it's not possible to do it ALL.  I really need to streamline my life, clear out my email inbox and get organised.
  • buy even less than in 2010.  I managed to get rid of 3 credit cards last year with ease.  I want to go to  Paris so so so so soooo much and last time I checked money didn't grow on trees.
  • Use my gym membership more

No resolutions, just goals this year!  Someone make the rain in Byron Bay & Noosa stop this week, please!


  1. THANK YOU someone else who doesn't like resolutions and prefers GOALS!

    And I think learning how to say "no" is very important.

    Hear hear!

  2. Hi
    These goals are sooo my thing...
    Love calling them goals rather then resulutions...

    I am going to save more money as well...Lets see how much we can save:)

    The gym membership I am sooo down for as well:)Lets get toned girl....

    Have a great day.

  3. Um, HELLO! You are totally speaking my language (sans the gym b/c i'm scared of the machines, but still do want to up the home workouts). Saying no is tough, but necessary. Here's to doing it fearlessly - and farewell to the debt, too!!


  4. Sounds like reasonable and well thought out goals to me. Best of luck on achieving them all!

    And speaking of rain - I was watching the news about the floods in Brisbane. Am I mistaken or do you have some family there? I hope they're all ok?

  5. How scary is all this rain. Not happy about our visit from La Niña!!!

    So glad I stumbled across this blog - motivational but not in a bossy, in your face way x


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