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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Mutton dressed as lamb...

While I was packing the last few weeks my thoughts turned to the winter wardrobe. We've barely had a summer, yet the cold weather is just around the corner. During the A/W 2010/2010 shows last year I completely fell in love with everything Burberry. In particular with the leather and shearling combination.

But at what point in life do I render myself TOO OLD to wear trends off the cat walk and be able to pull them off?  Is it at a particular age?  Is it when my wrinkles become severe?

No doubt at 47 Elle looks better than most women half her age, but I can't help but think that the outfit is ridiculous for a school pick up? Am I going to look just as silly in a leather and shearling jacket sitting at my favourite cafe on a cold Saturday morning?

I don't flinch at Gwyneth Paltrow when she wears a mini skirt, not even for a minute.  She looks amazing.  So what sets women and outfits apart.  Is it appearance or confidence?  Or our opinion of their style?

Do women have a sell by date?  Is Kate Moss the only woman allowed to wear hot pants in her 30's?  And should I stay away from the leather and shearling?


  1. I think that a lot depends on the occassion! ... The fact that as we get older we attend less 'hipperty hopperty' occassions, our wardrobe tends to reflect that. It's a tough choice and a very fine line! And also, if it looks good.. and strikes the right balance.. that's all that should matter, really!

  2. Oh nooooooooooooooooooooo I am thirty this year and like to think that I can be somewhat stylish!! xo

  3. can STILL be sorry hahaaha I'm doing a million things at once at the moment hahahahaha

  4. I love those jackets:)

    Stay safe, and have a great day:)

  5. Oh no! Don't stay away from the sheepskin jacket if yo dream about it. If you love it, you will make it yours - encorporating it into your wardrobe. Over the course of the winter, I've seen so many stylish outfits with sheepskin jackets on people's blogs. Have a look at Anna's wonderful jacket and styling here:

    The way to stay stylish when one is no longer a teenager or in one's twenties is to take the trends one like, and mix it with elegant classics. (I don't Elle always succeds in doing that, but at least she still looks fresh and not like a middle aged frump.

  6. I think these women are paving the way! I wear short shorts and am 33. I don't think it's about age - I would rather see Kate Moss in hotpants than a 22 year old with an inappropriate figure. Elle may be 47, but she looks great and hosts a youth-oriented television show - I say, good on you, Elle!


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