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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Super Neutral

This summer I vowed to not wear black. I wear too much black during winter, warm clothes seem to only come in black, don't they? I'm obsessed with white linen at the moment, but I haven't had any free, hot days to indulge in my new found obsession.

The past two weeks I've lived out of an overnight bag. My belongings are spread out across 3 houses. Keeping it simple and comfortable is a huge priority. Actually it's been the only option. Goodness knows where my hair brush is, let alone pieces that make an outfit.

You're probably all thinking that this has been the most prolonged, annoying move in history. One property is flood damaged and the other being renovated. Cashmere doesn't belong in a house that's being sanded. The water woes have continued. Just as I'd moved most things into the garage, it rains last night with said garage getting mighty close to filling with water. Can someone please stop these crazy weather patterns? At least long enough to let me move in. Belongings across 3 residences.. I'm exhausted!

Please excuse the unironed blouse... pulled out of a random box at an ungodly hour this morning.

Athe Vanessa Bruno blouse
Sussan trousers
Witchery shoes
Ratty hair that's crying for a cut and colour..


  1. Anonymous10:38 am

    Can you store your clothes in those space saver vacuum bags? It might keep them safer?

    Love this neutral outfit, there is something so calming about neutrals.

  2. oh honey. wth is up with the weather?? you will survive this move!!

    i just want to say that even a little wrinkled you look fab - and you have so much going on. if you need me to i can totally house those shoes for you. i can't guarantee you'll ever see them again though :)


  3. Love the shoes girl:)

    Have a great day!

  4. Love the outfit, M!!



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