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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Valentine's Day

This photo made me so nostalgic for the old days of effort and romance.  Being happy to see each other.  At the present we as a society either don't have time, have work to finish when we get home or believe that Valentine's Day is just a commercial gimmick. But is there anything wrong with using that one day in the year to reflect on your relationship and acknowledge the one you love.  Nobody seems to think that Mother's Day is a commercial gimmick.

I am in the thick of moving my last bits and pieces to the new house.  Amazing how I have 19 boxes of clothes, yet I've managed to live just fine out of an overnight duffle bag for the past 2 weeks without even a thought for the items in those boxes.  To the point where I feel as though that I wouldn't even know what's in the boxes if they went missing.

Hoping to be sleeping in my own bed by the end of the weekend... and baking a cake in my new kitchen (which is 3 times the size of the one I cooked in for the past 3 years)... simple pleasures...


  1. woo for a better kitchen! i love the kitchen in our rental. The stove is a bit dodgy so but the heat is spot on, and there is plenty of workspace!

  2. I completely agree!!! All the peeps on Facebook yesterday bitter about such a 'commercial' day... Yet, they don't say boo about Mother's or Father's day.

    Plus I noticed the bitter people were all single. Maybe they just need some love, love in their lives.

    I had an awesome day. I hope you did too lady. Can't wait to see your new, gorgeous kitchen!

  3. i'm on my way to get ready and jet over to the chef's place - he's making a snazzy dinner and i'm pretty excited!!

    hope you're having a wonderful day with b - and can't wait to see what your kitchen turns out like :)


  4. Oh for the simple pleasures of life!

    So glad the new house is going well.


    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  5. Ahhh you have to love the old romance

  6. Wow simple pleasures indeed! I think I would be mortally lost without my own bed for that long! I am rather attached to it. Lovely image you have posted here, Lou x

  7. it's funny that you talk about the boxes...when we moved to switz we lived out of a few suitcases while we waited for our massive shipment to come on the boat...but i had no clue what was in those boxes either and i really don't think i would have missed them! made me respect simplicity for sure :)


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