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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Loving summer days..

I'm blissfully enjoying the long, warm, late summer days.  5 minutes to get ready in the morning with some tinted moisturiser and blush.. a button up shirt dress and peep toes, happily skipping off to work and still having plenty of day light when I get home.  I've been playing tennis in the afternoon and next week will endeavor to enjoying a late swim at the beach.  

I've had these images on my computer for months, and only now do they seem fitting to post.

image source unknown

It seems the post Christmas sale has dragged on forever.  I was getting overwhelmingly bored of left over t shirts in all the stores.  Today the letter box was overflowing with magazines and catalogues full of new season goodies.  Getting excited to put together my shopping list for the new season and perhaps pull it all together with a new lipstick?  

Have you done your list for the new season yet?  What trends are you seeing?


  1. The best thing about summer is all the wonderful dresses you get to wear:)

    Have a great day.

  2. Oooooh I miss summer.Beautiful.

  3. Great pictures and I really miss the summer! Here, in Europe, is awful and cold weather :)
    xoxo from Hannie

  4. The one trend that I've really taken to is the 70's hippie look. Big floppy hats, huge sunglasses, flirty floral garments and (moderately) flared jeans. There are several trends going on at the same time, but I believe the hippie style appeals the most to me, and thus is what attracts my attention when I flip through all the clothes catalogues that have arrived in my mail lately.

    The one trend I won't be wearing, no matter what, is the 90's look with ankle long, narrow skirts. I just hate it. Can't explain why - I think I'm just not into whatever was trendy in the 90's.

    But I haven't started shopping anything for spring yet. I'll wait until the end of this month, then I'll get out all my spring and summer clothes from storage, and have a look through it before I buy new stuff. This year I'll go easy on the clothes shopping - priority number one is the continued upgrading of my apartment

  5. Love these summer photos.. but I don't fee like we've had one yet :( :( random hot days, random WINDY hot days... then nada :( :( :(


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