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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Exam, farewell!

The post exam euphoria didn't last long. Having two days away from the desk job meant that I came back to World War III. My intended shopping trip didn't happen, I've had no time for myself what so ever. My desk is still covered with study notes, there's a pile of ironing threatening to envelop the apartment, there's a month of magazines and articles to catch up on, a fashion launch to attend this Sunday, all of your blogs to visit, a business breakfast to attend tomorrow morning and not to mention a paper due tomorrow which I was merciful granted a 7 day extension for last week, so no further extensions are possible! *gulp*

Last night I left all of that behind to attend the SATC2 premier. Parking was a nightmare, the kid at the candy bar overcharged me for my popcorn... (gosh I'm all complain complain complain today!).
The movie was cute, but a bit unnecessary. As I've kept saying, the stories were told and finished in the first film... this one didn't really have a plot and not much happened. And even the fashion wasn't ALL THAT GREAT! But I must say Cynthia looked fabulous and I dare say hers was the best dressed character in the film! And I do agree with the reviews, it was a bit politically and culturally insensitive.


So it's a dreary day in Melbourne today. It was cold and foggy and pitch black at 7.30am! And how do I break a 6 week fashion fast? By ordered two summer pieces from J Crew!

One of my favourite wardrobe items are denim cut off shorts.  But I barely wear jeans.  I own only ONE pair, which is worn only very, very rarely.

Cut off jeans however, are fabulous in summer as they can be dressed up or down. My favourite pair were old jeans that I cut off into a perfect pair of shorts, but the jeans and shorts have had a life span of 8 years and last year they split at the crotch which left me denim-shorts-less for the summer. And I could not find a pair to replace them despite my efforts of looking everywhere!

So I bought myself a pair from J Crew - lovely wash, a good length so they can be worn long or cuffed really short.. and I threw in a lovely ruffled white shirt to go with it. Shame summer's about 6 months away..

Now to get some time to go to the shops and buy a few new things for winter!


  1. Congrats on the shorts my dear - they sound very well-deserved at minimum. I sincerely hope the white shirt in the picture is the one you purchased...did you notice I'm wearing it w/the green fedora? Will certainly be a favorite w/leggings as well.

    Good old winter - THINK BOOTS! :)

    ps - chaos must be on the move. mayhem is the only word i can use to describe the past couple of days over here. light at the end of the tunnel, where are you??

    oh! and i heard s/o refer to SATC as menopause in the city. kind of echoed in my head throughout the film. really? j'adore dior and a big ol' purple skirt in the middle of an open air muslim market?? really?? oy

    thus ends the world's longest comment

  2. I also saw SATC last night and have to agree with you. Wasn't really a story to tell and yes, Cynthia Nixon looked amazing!

  3. Congrats on the buys.

    Hope things at work settle down.

    SSG xxx

  4. Hi sweety:)
    Good luck with your paper:)

    And sounds like many things to do, and to little time...

    Have a great day - SP

  5. Lovely new purchases and sorry the film did not live up to the hype.. will have to go and see it though - can't resist ! x

  6. Yes, you all must still see the film, it's still a lot of fun!!


  7. I like a lot the shorts!

    btw, I've a sandals giveaway at my blog! Check it out! :)


  8. This Free Bird - seeing the shirt on your blog was the reason I bought it!! x

  9. Those shorts are great. Real flattering.
    Good on finishing exams :) You deserved a treat.


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