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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Back to basics

I am about 48 hours away from completing an exam which is causing me nightmares!  Then I get a few days off!  Woohoo.

End of the exam also marks the end of my shopping ban and I have been day dreaming about my first purchase!  I'm craving some new basics for layering the most, or maybe a new scarf...

Skin and Threads has opened a gorgeous new store near home, so I think that maybe my first stop on Tuesday afternoon!  Great choice of basics in cotton, organic cotton, cashmere, jersey, merino...

Hope you've all had a fab weekend xx


  1. Love Skin and Threads - have something similar from them like the last pic. Good luck with the studying and remember your goal at the end - you get to go SHOPPING ! (oh, and the W's too!)

  2. Best of luck with the exams.

    Can't wait to hear about the shopping you rightly deserve at the end of it.

    SSG xxx

  3. Loved the post on the Five Years meme, such an interesting read. And good luck with your exams!

    Btw, I've finally come around to writing my last post on the NY trip, and you're credited there for giving me the inspiration to try out TAO. Loved it!

  4. I bet you can't wait for the shopping trip! Treat yourself to something special as well as some basics! Good Luck with exams, I have 2 daughters taking them at the moment, one first year at Uni and the other AS Level. xx

  5. Good luck with the exams and hooray to treating yourself to some new treats. I love all the pictures you posted-top and bottom pic in particular. dreamy! xo

    ps-going to work on the 5 year post for mid-week!

  6. Hi girl:)
    Good luck on your exam:) I am sure you will kill it...

    Tell us how it went...if you want:)


  7. Thanks for the good luck messages, I'm sure glad it's over!! x


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