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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Detoxing one's life...

Well my internet at home is well and truly dead. I no longer even have a signal that drops out. 2 months later the ISP has finally decided to escalate it to level 2. Geez, thanks. Just send me a new modem and put me out of my misery! If it wasn't for my iPhone I'd well and truly be at internet AA. Is there such a thing?

I've also embarked on a dietary detox to go with the friendship detox I've been on of late. I'm on lent this week (to coincide with lent for St Peter and Paul, which ends on Monday), which means a vegan diet.

I don't usually drink coffee, don't drink soft drink and I don't drink alcohol, but I need to kick start my body and get rid of the toxins that inhibit it, thanks to my love of sweets and desserts (I'm speaking to you Lindt macaroons and hazelnut hot chocolate). Did you know that sugar is one of the main accelerators of aging?

It's amazing how much you crave the foods that you don't normally eat when you know that you cannot eat them.  My cravings usually last 48 hours, after which I'm fine.  Hunger pangs are eliminated with a tall class of warm water!

Next week I'm accelerating the detox and embarking on a 3 day Urban Remedy liquid only juice detox, beginning on Wednesday. I'm hoping to improve my skin and eye clarity and move the couple of kilos that have refused to budge!

Check back through the week - I'll be blogging about my experience a couple of times a day!


  1. okay i want to hear all about this. the chef and i did a cleanse last year right around this time. he did 60 days, i did 90 - it's called colonics (hope i haven't scared the hell right out of you - the sugar maybe though?)

    anyway - i had no idea sugar accelerated aging. (she says while dumping out the cupboards)

    can't wait to read you chronicle your event.

    btw- i've worn winter items for the past 3 days. no joking. so much for summer.

  2. Best of luck with the detox.

    I will have to look into it as well. I tend to 'reward' myself with all kinds of toxic foods for my exercise and I think there are more rewards than actual exercise at the moment...

    SSG xxx

  3. Sounds quite difficult - good luck and really hope you get through it ok without a headache... that's what seems to happen to me if I do any type of de-toxing! x

  4. Hi:)
    Detox is never a bad idea!
    I have tried a lot of times as well...
    Specially when i have been drinking tooo much alcohol:)



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