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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

'To most of us, the baggage we collect through life brings with it little jolts of memories'

Stressed.  That's the best way to describe how I've been feeling at work.  My schedule has been crazy and my desk cluttered beyond recognition.  Settling into my day is impossible.  I took the morning "off" - didn't do any work, instead I cleared out my desk and finally got the filing done.  Two huge boxes are now sitting in the storage room - if I don't need anything from the boxes this month, it's being shredded!  I feel a lot better now and the to-do pile seems all that more manageable. I feel a lot more calm working from a completely empty desk.   I've also purchased a new note pad for my to do list and started fresh.  A thick pad of notes was flustering me!

  I'll try to do the same at home tomorrow night.  Does anyone have any tips for organising a workspace?  I need all the help I can get!


  1. I wish I could got more accomplished in one day than I have in 2 months. I've got 3 shopping bags to shred.

    In a word: office assistant. Someone throw me a rope! (you too?)

  2. Hi - I share your stress but mine is related to my email inbox! It's out of control! I need to just press the pause button on life and get sorted and then press play again... Lou x

  3. I am an organising maniac.

    I love lists.

    Start with a list - a nice pen a fresh sheet of paper and look around.

    Put down everything thats in your head thats bothering you - that you want to clean up - that you want to do.

    Then grab yourself storage boxes - garbage bags, post it notes and a texta and start placing things in boxes. What also helps are those acordian manila folders. Depending what you store, remember to write the contents of whats in the box on the outside JUST incase you need it for later on.

    Once you have cleared all the clutter this is how to organise things around you and your desk. Things that you use alot of should be in reach - phone, stapler, pens etc should all be within your reach sitting down.

    A large calendar is great and really effective if you get one of those desk ones. Kikki K have some great things for desks!

    Have an inbox and outbox or a "to do" and " done " trays

    oh and one golden rule i always follow - if you take something from its place . ALWAYS put it BACK in the same place.

    Love Ms S


  4. I bought myself some watermelon coloured officy stuff today (a folder and big file thingy) and it absolutely made my day!

    Go to Officeworks on Bridge Road and dive into stationery heaven :-)


  5. Oh god I need to organise my workspace at home - in fact I need a darn workspace at home! the end of the dining room table does not an office make! Good on you for your office clear out - you just have to take time out and do it once in a while. It's the same for my wardrobe(s)! xx

  6. What great inspiration:)
    And i love organizing as well....

    Loved the blue details...

    Have a great day -SP

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