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Friday, 16 July 2010

Urban Remedy detox - day three part one

Last night after I had a shower I was applying rosehill oil to my face.  Nothing unusual there.  Except, I had a GLOW!?!?  I never believed in a glow before, namely because I've never had one.  But my face was really clear and smooth.. it was rosy.. I couldn't believe it.

I did go to bed hungry.  Starving in fact that it took me 30 minutes to fall asleep from the hunger pangs :(  The house is sparkingling clean which means that I can spend the weekend doing the things I want to be doing as I won't be feeling guilty about not having done all the housework.  B is away for work, so tonight I'm going to visit my friend A who had a baby last week.  I am so in love with him!  Can't wait to take some photos of the precious lil guy.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to sleep in until about 9.30 and wander down to the shops to read the papers and have breakfast at Las Chicas... hmm what to have as a post detox first meal???

And on Sunday I'm finally going to go to the European Masterpieces exhibit.

Anyway back to the detox. Juice #1 was a struggle this morning and I'm feeling kinda 'blah' now that I've finished it.  It contains - apple, lemon, cos lettuce, celery, silverbeet, parsley and cucumber.  But it smells and taste like cucumber :( Woe is me.  I hate cucumber!

I'm about to have juice #2 which is a lifesaver - pineapple, apple & mint.  YUM!  It's pretty much what I order for myself at the juice bar.

I pride myself on having a fairly decent diet, and I wanted to prove that to myself.  And boy was I wrong!  Over the past two days I've collected all the 'bad' foods that have passed by my desk at work into a container... I just took whatever I would normally take and still with a full day remaining of my detox and plenty of time to full the container, I am shocked at how much rubbish is in there!

Chocolate truffles, lollies, chocolate biscuits, shapes, chips, half a walnut and custard scroll... custard tart!  Yikes!


  1. I wanna do a juice detox sometime. I've heard they're really good for you if it's a short term thing. Good luck! xx

  2. Good work! Stay strong.

    SSG xx

  3. I've never done a detox, but this sounds good (apart from the hunger pangs) and I'd love to have a glow, too! Keep it up!

  4. I love the thought of a detox but don't actually think I could do it... Does it mean I can't drink wine for like 40 days/40 nights? Good luck with it, i'm sure those hunger pains will subside and you'll feel amezzin soon enough :-)xxx


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