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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Olivia Palermo style copy

I maybe detoxing and losing my mind but still love Olivia's style.  She's my style twin.  Shame I don't work at Elle though.  I could probably do a very good job...

Looking at some recent style pics, I did notice her wearing a military style anorak a lot and I decided I wanted one too.  Jackets are always handy in Melbourne and a military anorak can be worn with leggings, or jeans and even with shorts and dresses. I've fallen in love with the way Olivia styles hers and have taken the plunge and ordered one for myself!

So this is my anorak.  It cost me all of NZ59.95 (about AUD45!!)  Cheap thrills I say!


  1. Hi - love Olivia P - I think she looks incredible in these shots and for all that people malign her - she can dress! If half the women in the world had that style - the world would be a prettier place! Lou x

  2. I agree with Louise, Miss P. looks fab! I love her maxi dress in the first photo.

    I really like your new jacket, too. What a steal! But then again, half of my wardrobe is now filled with army green stuff. I sure am happy that this particular color is in vouge atm. :)

  3. She might be a miserable human being (just a thought), but Olivia knows how to dress. And girlfriend you will love your jacket. God mine at J.Crew and have been living in it for a year. Every time I see Olivia wearing hers I get a little grin.

    yeehoo and congrats to you!!


  4. Olivia has the best hair ever. The best styles - cut and colour.
    She just looks fab in everything.

  5. So good to have your back Sniff!


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