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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Urban Remedy detox - day two part two

Why does shopping feel so good? 

Tonight came home with me... a new dress from Scanlan & Theodore that I got at the VIP sale, a bunch of magazines, a candle (B loves fruity candles so this one is for him - Goji & Toracco Orange), a set of ceramic coasters from the wonderful Coco Lane store - they have images of the "fashion capitals" - New York, London, Paris and Milan!  As well as some magazines and cleaning products from the grocery store.  (I blame the Gourmet Traveller magazine purchase on the detox)

Since I can't make it to the gym tonight and since my dinner is a detox juice and an avacado (they said I could it if I felt like eating and I do!) I decided to walk home from the grocery store and surprise B by cleaning the house, lighting a candle and packing his bag as he's going away for a few nights for work!  I've felt so guilty as he's been so good to me lately and I've not done much in return.  And he's working late tonight.  Poor sweety.

The detox made me really grumpy this afternoon.  I couldn't drink more than two gulps of the beetroot juice (so a colleague skulled it to show me how it's done).  I was hungry and thirsty this afternoon.  But now I am feeling better.  I feel really energised and I never do after arriving home from work.   I'm looking forward to filing away all the tax paperwork thats strewn on the table.  Straightening up the bookshelf and scrubbing the bathroom.  Go figure!


  1. Hey if ya can't eat ya might as well shop. And clean.

    You're doing awesome on this cleanse!


  2. Shopping feels amazing. As well as reading magazines & eating avacados! xx

  3. those coasters are so cute!!!

    Ms S xx

  4. I don't normally eat avocado, but I was desperate :((



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