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Friday, 17 September 2010

Last night I purchased a gym bag.  Why?  Who cares?  Well I do.  Not having a gym bag has recently become a really good and convenient reason not to go to the gym.  As I'm heading out the door in the morning I have nothing to pack my gear into (except a plastic bag), which means the gear stays at home and my butt doesn't end up in a spin class.  Now that my gear is waiting, packed by the door I have no reason not to take it with me, and since I'm taking it with me, I have no reason not to go to the gym.  Talk about setting up a trap for oneself...

And boy do I need that gym, since somehow over the past week, I've ended up with two new bikinis... despite the fact there's no sunshine of sunshine.  Now all I need is for somebody to pay for a tropical holiday... blog sponsors, are you out there?? I promise a glowing review!

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  1. I'm pretty good at coming up for reasons for not going to the gym either. But these pictures are getting me motivated.

  2. No excuses now! But just think of your gorgeous bikinis...x


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