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Monday, 27 September 2010

Meet my new shoes!

Now I know that metallic ballet flats were not on my shopping list for summer and I know they're eating into my NYE-spent-at-The-Peninsula-Hotel-in-Hong-Kong rather than NYE spent at an el cheapo hotel in Hong Kong budget, BUT they created visions of me in short shorts and a white shirt walking down the street on a hot summers day.  Plus they were heavily discounted and had a bit of Olivia Palermo to them!  Damn you Olivia...


  1. You can't go wrong with witchery flats! I have two pairs exactly like this.. just diff colours... and they are SOO comfy!

  2. Have to say I was very tempted by these too just before I flew to UK! Maybe they are even MORE discounted now...Great buy... SE x

  3. i love the flash of metallic..super cute :)

  4. Olivia Palermo made you do it!!! The soles even say WITCHERY!!

    le sigh

    love those!


  5. but but...they are super cute!!!!!!!!!!
    and i think about planes crashing too...the WHOLE time. it's awful.

  6. I find that Witchery flats fall apart. Or maybe it's just me ruining all my shoes as usual. I seem to be heavy footed :(


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