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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Quick buys for spring

Have I mentioned how sick I am of all of my winter clothes?  Not only that, but I'm also sick of the weather requiring me to wear these clothes.  I'm sick of the same old knits and I'm tired of the tights.  I'm sick of the cold air and wind penetrating every layer that I manage to pull on.  The clothes have had enough and so have I. 

I did some (window) shopping overthe weekend, looking out for the new trends.  Unfortunately the Australian chain stores and designers haven't caught onto the minimalist trend, so there's lots of volume, lots of layers, plenty of bows, florals and a general boho feel to the summer fashions.  Yet again it looks like I'm going to be dependant on online fashions from overseas.  I do want to support the Australian retail sector.  I really really do....

With my trip confirmed for the end of the year (and my list of restaurants and bars and must-stay-at-resorts growing my the day) mindless shopping is out and a carefully edited list of items is in!

And not one to waste time, I've already ticked some items off that list!

  • grey cotton boyfriend blazer.  Been on my wishlist for seasons and seasons now... FOUND
  • black shorts/playsuit
  • a pastel coloured, summer weight cardigan
  • printed smocks and blouses
  • a particular loose, draped leather and cottom singlet that I saw today
  • bright, pretty clutch bags... saying goodbye to the black carry all sized handbag and keeping it real with a clutch for day!  FOUND!
  • colourful bangles
  • simple black heeled sandals.  You have no idea how hard they are to find!
  • metallic flat leather sandals.  The old much loved pair needs to be replaced!
These ASOS goodies are on their way to me as we speak!


  1. I love both of those ASOS clutches!! They are just perfect for spring!! So excited even though we're heading into much more brisk weather (except for this weekend when it's supposed to be 85 degrees? uh, return to summer?)

    Anyway, I was just thinking it's kind of cool that you're there and I'm here and I can get excited for your spring while over here trying to get more into fall. All of the sudden this evening when I read this it made me smile.

    Okay nerd alert!

    Oh - and I FINALLY found the last little something for your prezzie so treat on the way. Hope to get it in the mail tomorrow!! There's most def something for spring in it!


  2. im so sick of winter and winter fashions too!
    its not that i dont like them,
    just so bored and over it.
    im sure halfway into summer ill be saying im over summer too! hahhaha
    ive been looking at some of the new stuff in stores and its all so boring!!
    i tried to look on the net too and nothing interests me.
    im going through a rut :(
    i love that grey blazer though!

  3. thanks for the comment:) i just looked at your blog and i love it!



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