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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Wishful Wednesday

As you've read on my blog a thousand times over, I've had a pretty hard time of late accepting life and all of the things that it has dealt me.  Making mistakes, learning, moving forward is sometimes more difficult than it seems.  Dishing advice is a lot easier than receiving it.

So today I wish for self acceptance of the past.  Maybe, just maybe all those things did happen for a reason, and one of these days it will become obvious whyyyy.

At least a couple of reasons to smile...

My desk to magically declutter itself.

And I really wish that summer would hurry up, so I can go for a long drive, a swim and a glass of champagne by the ocean...

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  1. Self acceptance is one of the hardest things to do, yet one of the most rewarding. I wish this for myself too.

    xo M

  2. yah i am wishing for acceptance of some things that have happened to. i think maybe it comes with time?

  3. how is it that carrie bradshaw has a quote for every single occassion?
    i turn to them myself!

  4. you have a great blog!i spend some time reading your posts and i love them!kisses


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