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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Trans-sseasonal dressing

I sit in the corner of our open plan office, next to a large floor to ceiling window overlooking the office tennis court.  This morning, the sun is shining very bright, reflecting the green faux grass of our tennis court and making me feel a little bit happy.  I can't wait for the sunlight to stick around after 5pm, so I can make use of my neglected tennis racquet after work. 

In a few weeks I plan to do a wardrobe swap - woolies into the spare room --> summer brights into the main bedroom.  Similar to what I did back in April when the winter stuff came out of hibernation.  Melbourne is one of those places however that pretty much just has two seasons - a cold, long winter and a short summer often interrupted by odd winter-weather-like days.  Trans-seasonal pieces are vital.  It's taken me 3 years here to figure that out.

The first item is something a bit cheap and cheerful... from dear old Long sleeve mini dresses & blazers will love this edition I think! (before I buy anything else I better check what I have in the spare room, eh?)

Henry Holland tights from ASOS


  1. yesss those tights are fabulous.

  2. I love these tights. There a lot of great designs out there at the moment for wearing with short skirts or shorts. Lots of London girls wearing them. They are great fun. Xxxx


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