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Monday, 8 November 2010

J. Crew holiday love

I take a break from the internet/blogging/browsing online stores and feel so liberated and in control.  I return and within an hour I've piled up various shopping carts.  Silly FALLSALE J. Crew email and code.

Maybe the closet will, not the wallet!


  1. ha ha!! Love this saying - your closet will thank you - very American. I also clocked up a little shopping - from Lands' End in America. Not somewhere I usually bought much from (some cashmere for Mr SE before when in UK) BUT..... they have a new line called Land's End CANVAS. Great stuff. Good prices and I was very excited! So I have indulged. x

  2. I've totally had my eye on that shirt for forever! I love it.

  3. Ooh, I love the sequinned skirt. Fab!

    Just discovered your blog via... Actually, can't really remember how I ended up here. I think I was following something to do with Maggie Alderson's book tour, and you were linked to.

    Either way, fortuitous, because your blog is lovely.

    All the best,

  4. I love Crew's latest collection -- especially those leopard belts!

  5. Have to have that skirt for my holiday parties! I am in love with it.

    xo M

  6. Anonymous10:55 am

    I am now on the J Crew site looking for those belts. Major love!!

  7. The belts are the best ever! I ended up getting the fatter one! Let me know how you go!

    M xx

  8. oh hells bells. i'm on the way to class and you're the only comment i've had a chance to leave today. what happened to that extra hour??

    anyway - the wheels flew off the bus in sequined style and I got the striped top over the weekend. and 2 other sequined ones. and several pairs of tights.

    then i gave my wallet to the chef.

    my lack of self-restraint is making me sick.

    i did try the skirt on though...and it looked like a sack on me. thank GOD. it is the cutest thing and so many people look awesome in it!!

  9. You and me both. Sigh :( I need money for this trip. And although B has my cards I always seem to manage to plow them from him and buy SOMETHING!


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