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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Party time

Well the holiday party invites have started coming in, hot and fast at my end. The office alone is having three, not to mention the many client parties and lunches that go with it. And as the holiday season in Australia coincides with summer, it’s also wedding season. With gifts to buy, trips to take, parties to host and attend, the nightmare of what to wear is sure to dawn on us all. And it doesn’t help that I’m loathing everything in my wardrobe, or finding it inappropriate for the soirĂ©es that I have to attend – from BBQ picnics to cocktail parties. I’m in major distress.

Since I’m not made of money (and would prefer to spend what I do have being pampered at Jari Minari in Bali, anyway), I am not making any major purchases! Here are my tips to make work what’s already there. For a couple of hundred dollars, you can be party ready. The big trick? Don’t be afraid to wear the same outfit twice, especially if you’ll be wearing it amongst a completely different crowd of people. Nobody will know!

Get your hair trimmed! Get rid of the split ends, invest in a moisturising treatment and get yourself a bottle of Moroccan Oil. I think grooming is the key during the party season. No matter how simple or fancy the outfit, make sure your hair is clean and neat and you WILL look and feel a million dollars. Take an extra 20 minutes to blow dry it the morning of the event. Guaranteed to make you feel fabulous.

Look after your nails. Keep them short and tidy. Cuticles neat. Whether you paint your nails or not, having nice hands and neat nails and nail polish that isn’t chipped while holding a glass of champagne always looks chic. In summer I get a weekly manicure and fortnightly pedicure.

Invest in a new lipstick. It will completely change your look and won’t break the bank. This summer I intend to make full use of my MAC – Russian Red. I might even treat myself to one of Tom Ford’s new lip colours.

Dress appropriately for the occasion.  If you're with co workers or clients, dress like you would for work and dress it up with accessories, a clutch bag and said new lipstick rather than a mini skirt.  Chances are you see these people once or twice a year, yet speak to them daily, so ensure that you dress and act appropriately.  That's the impression they'll have of you for the rest of the year!

Don’t be afraid of sequins.  When else will you be able to pull of sparkles than during the holidays?

Statement shoes. You know how I feel about that. Nothing I love more than a simple dress and amazing shoes!

Moisturise! Slather your skin in a rich cream for soft, supple skin.

Drink lots of water! The champagne can be drying on your hair, skin and kidneys!

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  1. Great ideas for the holiday season... and re : your previous post don't be hard on yourself and so sorry you have not been well - you definitely deserve a wonderful holiday. x

  2. Thanks SE. I am feeling better now!!


  3. Anonymous5:21 pm

    I will be spending xmas in Australia so def using the cream to prevent drying out but its so different in warm weather xmas'

  4. I'm still not used to a hot Christmas after 15 years here PCK!

  5. These are amazing pieces of advice, esp the hair one :) Thanks for your lovely comment lady.

  6. You are spot on with each of these pointers. Hair is such a crowning glory for girls!! When my hair's good I can be torn up in sweats and still feel like a million bucks!!

    Keep on hanging in til BALI!! so jelly!!



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