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Monday, 22 November 2010

Serbia show case!

On top of still being really, really sick AND home sick after speaking to my grandmother last night, I thought a good cure would be to look through my photos from my 2008 trip.

A small selection of photos to show case a beautiful country...

Photos are unfortunately pre-SLR.

A very lonely and boring 14 hour stop over in Vienna.  Made all the worst considering that Belgrade is only about 600km away.  So close, yet so far.

When you're bored in Vienna, you go looking for Milka

Peaches at my grandparents house

The youngest of the cousins - Marko :)

Each time I go I try to visit a few monasteries.  This time I went to Studenica which was founded in 1190 and for many years was the centre of medieval Serbia.  To walk along the same path that so many saints and history making individuals walked was breath taking.  

The original frescos

The amazing streeets

Belgrade's oldest restaurant "Znak Pitanja" (Question Mark)

Knez Mihajlo

View from our apartment

Novi Sad

Saint Marko church

View over the Danube from Kalamegdan

Sunrise over the Danube


  1. I love how these show so many great details :)

  2. very beautiful photos =)

  3. :)) ... <3

  4. What beautiful photos...I must visit Serbia!! xo

  5. Stunning photos!! That party looks fun!

    xo M

  6. Loved seeing these. Europe has some of the best architecture ever.

  7. Anonymous10:12 am

    Delightful photos!


  8. Just adore your pics, so beautiful!! Please take me to Belgrade, it looks amazing! XXX

  9. Loved the sunrise picture:)

    Have a great day.


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