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Monday, 28 November 2011

3 pairs of shoes in a week? I need an intervention!

2010 was proudly the year that I did not purchase a single pair of shoes. The 6 inch "Kardashian Kraze" was not to my liking at all so I stuck to what I had.  As I teenager my mum did not let me wear heels. So of course I locked away pocket money and went with my best friend when we were both nearing our 18th birthday to purchase the highest pair of heels I could find and afford (I think they were about $60 from Williams).  My friends parents were a little more understanding than mine so my shoes stayed hidden at her houses and I totted around in them every time I stayed over.

My mum had never worn heels so thought it was the right choice for me as well.  I had all the freedom in the world - to go where I want and wear what I want.  But no high heels.

You see my mum was one of those chic European women who had an enviable capsule wardrobe. Her winter coat cost 5 months of her (very high at the time) salary.  I remember when she went to Italy to buy it.  But she wore it for 10 years. I remember her amazing leather sandals and belts and jewellery and stunning silk blouses.  I remember every piece and I swear had any of it survived our rushed move to Australia I would be wearing all of it now.

In the wide open spaces of Australia we drive everywhere.  I know people in their 30's who have never stepped foot onto a train.  Paris, being a relately small city area wise with such a huge population had no traffic.  Why?  Because everyone used the metro.  Walking everywhere and up and down the stairs of the metro meant that flats was the foot wear of choice.  And everyone looked chic all the same.

This has inspired me to rethink my shoedrobe.  Most of my shoes are torture devices.  They're fine when I try them on, they're fine for the first hour or so, but after that I'm in agony. Maybe my mum was onto something.

Since returning home from my trip I have acquire 3 new pairs of shoes... Including these wonderful brighton Zara sandals.


  1. I've stopped bothering with buying heels (though I continue to admire them everywhere) after building a shoe wardrobe of unworn pairs. Now i just stick to flats which are ultimately more comfortable and you can buy so many chic pairs these days.

  2. I have the same pair from zara, bought them earlier this year from Seoul!

  3. Wasnt fashion the best back in our mums days, one thing that I REALLY really want to wear one day in my lifetime is a big coat and a fox around my neck.. I know I know PETA would kick my arse but I dont care :) And for flats, witchery have some great ones!


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