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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Eiffel Tower and beyond

As I had mentioned, I was pretty frustrated at how I had packed.  17C here is very, very mild and I was beginning to think that I'd be living in an orange 3/4 t shirt for a week as that was all I had that wasn't either a) woollen or b) not long sleeved.

I wanted to condense as much of the sights as I could into a couple of days, so I could spend the rest of my days watching the world go by or holed up in a museum, so I want out of the apartment at 8am on a mission to see EVERYTHING (for as long as my feet could carry me).

The morning was chilly, but not cold enough for a coat, so after a stop at H&M for a cheap, light weight jacket (which came off within an hour) I had started at Arc de Triomphe, walked Avenue des Champs Elysees, window shopped along George V (I nearly DIED at Baby Dior - too cute for words), giggled at the French lining up to get into Abercrombie and Fitch, and ended up at Eiffel Tower.  The autumn colours along the Seine were 'tres magnifique'.  It may not be the prettiest of structures but it sure is something to behold as you inch closer to it and then head up to Trocadero.

After that I thought a nutella & banana crepe was well deserved as I walked back along the Seine to Jardin Tuileries and Musee du Louvre.  I thought it was a good idea to check out Galeries Lafayette on a Saturday afternoon, along with every other Parisian.  It was like boxing day times a hundred.  Never again.  Imagine a department store overflowing, while the heating is turned up to 37C.  Not pretty.  Fair to say I walked out scarred and empty handed.

Again, the images are raw as I am much too tired after my long days out to edit them... Hope you're all enjoying all the same... X

Champs Elysees at 8am

A&F is housed in such a beautiful building!

Too divine for words

Hotel Plaza Athenee

Jardin Tuileries 

Inside Galeries Lafayette


  1. Le sigh!
    Thank you for posting your photos, they are so dreamy!
    I can't stand huge crowds, but the Galeries Lafayette look divine inside!

  2. I am absolutely loving your play by play and wishing beyond wishes that I was there with you. Please keep on filling us in!!


  3. Woah, you sure did a whole lot in one day!!
    Imagine living right across from Lafayette on a Saturday! I almost didn't want to leave my appartment on Saturdays because the streets in that area were so crowded. But really Lafayette is crowded all the time..

    I hope you're enjoying Paris! That place has a very special place in my heart.


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